This is a list of our models and their locations. Our models have a right to work without harassment or abuse so take it elsewhere!

Updated regularly.

Our models are:

 Xanadu Nox, Halo, Holly Dolly,  Alabama, Ells, Skeffiboo, Kirsten Nightshade, Mary Mayhem, Romance, Lethal Gem, Vampire Princess, Miss Cyanide, Coffin Candy, Roxy, Xiyni Yinix, Carianna, Gash, Duskfang, Explicit Fern, Argent, Rozzie, Lex Eleven, Heavenly Sinner, Haly Horror, Marr Valentine, Raven, Bonney Anne, Bemi, TinyTerrors

We have models in:


Nottingham, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Southwell, York, Ringwood, Essex, Sunderland, Liverpool, Southport, Sheffield, Bridlington



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