If you would like to book a model then please take following steps, we provide models for nearly all kinds of things from businesses to bands to makeup artists and more.
However we only provide models for legal things and you must specify if you want sexual or nude modelling and we will ask the model themselves. All of our models get to chose what they do and don't want to do and will be fully informed of what is required of them for the shoot. Our models will also have chaperones. 

Our models also should have rights to the images they partake in creating. Please send them or us the images once you have finished your project. 


Bands promotion, clothing companies, jewelry companies, magazines, venue promotion, music videos, to photographers, to make up artists, to body painters, to designers, for artists and much more!



Firstly take a look at our gallery and decide which model/models are right for your project, sometimes models cannot travel due to working or financial reasons so tell us your area and we will tell you which models are closest to you.

Once we have decided which model you are interested in you can fill out the application below then send it to our myspace - www.myspace.com/project_perfection

If you are NOT a myspace user, please send it to perfectstorm_int@hotmail.com


The following application is also on our myspace and should be mailed to us at the above adres, please fill out all fields.

Real name:

Name of company/ project you represent:


Model(s) you wish to use:

Style of photoshoot/event:

What will be required of our model(s):

Any sexual, implied nude or nude?:

Paid or not?:

How long do you estimate the shoot will be?:

What shall the model wear/bring?: 

Contact adress and number: 

Thanks for choosing Perfect storm models :)

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